Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How to Do Jogging Correctly

Welcome to all sportsmen and people willing to strengthen your health!

Perhaps, many of you go in for sports, do morning exercises and maybe even do some jogging/running after awakening. But few people know how to do jogging correctly – first of all, to get a positive effect and not to harm yourself.

So, you have scrambled out of your bad willingly (or not very much) and went dressing up for outdoors. Keep in mind that you must go off for jogging so early that you could take a shower, have breakfast and little rest afterwards.

While dressing up we can encounter first questions. Let’s see several variants, depending on weather.

Sunny, warm about 17-30 C degrees:
put on smth light, as light as you can – sport shorts, and swimsuit – for girls. Guys can leave their trunk naked at all. When the temperature exceeds 30 degrees run carefully so that you don’t get a heat stroke, or body overheating – you can shorten the jogging time and take a bottle of water with you (just in case). Under the baking sun put on a head-dress, a cap or smth light. Light weighting comfortable sneakers, and you may not put on the socks. If you are sure not to injure your feet – it is extremely health-giving to run barefoot.

At 10 – 17 C degrees:
you better put on a duffel (tracksuit) - jogging trousers and a long-sleeved top.

When it is cold -15 to 10 C degrees:
Necessarily put on breeches (you may jeans), then a T-shirt or light jacket and then a wind-breaker. Another obligatory thing is a knitted cap, covering ears. If it’s still cold you may put on smth else under the wind-breaker.

-25 to -15 C degrees:
dress up approximately like in the previous variant but don’t forget to take the gloves and warm woolen socks (that you may even put on usual thin socks). Put on the sneakers densely tied up to prevent getting the snow inside. Don’t crawl into snowdrifts and don’t run along icy paths – for the sake of your health!

-25 C Cold Like North Pole:
only professionals can do jogging and running in such conditions, the amateurs are better to stay at home and do morning exercises. In no circumstances, do not put on the boots – always run in sneakers. Clothes of natural materials are welcomed – in synthetic materials it is cold in winter and hot in the summer. As soon as you came from jogging, put on smth dry. Main part of jogging clothes is necessary to wash daily. Try not to soak your footwear.

Now you’re at the street!

At first, do a small complex of exercises: walk an intensive pace for a minute then jump at one place. Then it would be extremely useful to do legs stretching and squat 10-20 times. If there is snow or any other soft surface, carefully (!) make 2 topsy-turvy. Start jogging slowly with at a light rate and then in 2-3 minutes speed up to the optimal speed.

Jogging/running technique:
body weight must be evenly spread along the footstep. Legs are a bit bended in the knees. Landing is done by rolling from heel to toe, basing on the external side of the foot. And don’t run on toes – it will result in flat-foot and pains in calfs. In general, keep the body straight, arms on-the-mitre of 120 degrees, fists clenched, arms not crossing near the chest. Relax your neck, shoulders, hands, fingers, jaws and tongue as much as possible. Step length is individual but optimal length is about 1,5-2 feet.

Breathing technique:
Breath in with your nose and breath out with your mouth. Doing so you satisfy your lungs with oxygen evenly. While breathing only with your mouth more oxygen is getting into blood but neither power nor volume of your lungs is developing. It would be better if you feel tired to breath with your mouth intensively for several seconds. Breathing rate mustn’t be very high, try to make a maximal inhalation and maximal exhalation. About the middle of your jogging trip - to train your lungs – try to declaim poetry, 2-3 strophes or sing a verse or 2 of your favourite song. Speak as neatly and distinctly as you can, without stumbling and delays. To determine the moment of finish you morning running trip, notice when you start to gasp – finish, don’t exhaust yourself up – save your health.

Useful advices:
don’t eat and drink before jogging, but this is very necessary after coming back home and taking a shower. After running it’s healthy to make cold-hardening. Don’t drive your running to pain and glitches in your head. Before finishing gradually slow down your speed and then just walk a little bit, jump a little bit.

Divide the distance you run into 4 parts and after finishing each part stop, make a deep breath, stretch (shake up) your legs and do some expressions (10-15). Doing so you will not only set your body up for a correct continuation but also pump up your arms :-)

Each 2 days speed up a little bit and the distance of jogging – at first a tiny bit, then more – but without fanaticism, please. And try not to give up your training – it will be quite difficult to renew them.

Well, that’s all! Wish you energetic boost in the morning and strong-strong health!
All the best!


Jeremy Stein said...

> Breath in with your nose and breath out with your mouth.

Also, this minimized the chances of swallowing an insect. ;-)

rever said...

Yes, nevertheless, his way from nose to the mouth will be a long amazing journey :-)

Prakash said...

Superb piece of article. Thanks for the article. I have always found it difficult to keep up the jogging practice but something or the other interrupts me. From now on, I will continue to jog no matter what happens.

Haadiyah Adams said...

I love to run in philly